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May 29, 2009


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talk about things like sales is a big topic in our society to sell or buy things has become a thing of every day, in part we can say is good for the progress that this means, but on the other side may be bad because the world becomes a world consumes every day

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Yes I am fully agree with you
pharmaceutical sales representative
is really a toughest comparing to other job.


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Yes I am fully agree with you
pharmaceutical sales representative

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Pharmaceutical sales is a fast-paced, high-turnover business that rewards assertiveness, persistence, and knowledge.


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If you are a pharmaceutical sales representative you can live well for the rest of your life, i think that is one of the best profession of the present.

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Do you have a viable business but lack the necessary finances to get it off it’s feet?

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Ya I agree with you completely.pharmaceutical sales representative is really a toughest job if we compare with other sales representatives.


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